ePolicy: Superior flexibility for greater efficiency

A collaborative cloud-based engine for real-time processing and managing policy-related transactions. This includes submission, generation of electronic proposals, electronic approval, monitoring and managing the business. All these made possible through a standard web browser, anywhere in the world.

Merimen ePolicy engine is built on an open modular based architecture that allows great flexibility and adaptability.

Designed for Insurance/ Takaful operator underwriters, their business partners (agents and brokers) and clients in mind, it efficiently handles the following:

  • Transaction workflows for new policies, renewals (including automated renewals), approvals, cancellations, and reinstatements
  • Real-time status enquiries for submission
  • Detailed and unique rating and underwriting structures as its rating and underwriting rules engine is flexible and scalable to different needs, e.g. compliance with policy and regulatory restrictions, complex internal rating structures
  • Multi-dimensional security architecture for insurers that enables them to give users personalized access to specific data, functionality, tracking changes and progress via the comprehensive audit trail feature

Delivering a Cost-effective Platform

Merimen employs a subscription-based "pay-per-use" transactional model to help you minimize the risk on investing in costly systems. This is our way of ensuring that our customers get real value from our services.

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